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March 20, 2014 | Stillness in Chaos - Spring Equinox 2014

Just go outside for five minutes and you will feel the quivering of life in the present moment. The agitation, the questing, thrusting vibrance of life and of Spring. Birds on a deadline, flower buds & leaves bursting out, the rumble of the earth deep below as tectonic plates shift and collide.

It's quite exhausting. It's also a perfect example of chaotic changes - the changes we are all going through every second. How do we find the still point? How do we find the eye of the hurricane or learn to stay outside it even?

Many people will be experiencing first hand what happens if we do not regularly find that still point. Those with auto-immune issues will feel an increase in their body attacking itself. Those with no ailments may notice an increase in hypersensitivity. Those with mental illness or emotional fragility will be struggling to control the sheer overwhelming waves. Remember we are all somewhere on that spectrum whether, or not, we have manifested a specific diagnosis.

So, what's the management plan? It will definitely be down to the individual, but there may be commonalities, and I know what is working for me...

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