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February 01, 2014 | New Blog Site

Hello everyone

I realise it's been years since I last wrote. In the meantime, I have been looking after my own health, building a house, landscaping and generally tuning in to what is important in life.

Truth be told, there was a fair amount of hunker down and wait until the storm blew over. Now I am doing my impersonation of a groundhog (no imbolc pun intended!) and putting my head above the parapet (can I really mix this many metaphors??!) with the publishing of a new blog site.

The issue with having things related, but not being technologically savvy, is that although the blog could sit nicely here...I have no idea how to link the two things together. The platforms through which they are created are completely different and there are two websites involved.

However, I shall endeavour to be more on the ball about updating THIS site anytime I post something new on the blog site, or if you like it enough to follow me...you will get automatic updates whenever I write something new. Doesn't do much for traffic to this site, but that's ok...it feels like it still needs to be quiet for now.

So here it is: Unpredictable Musings

And with that...I wish you a very Happy Spring! Chinese New Year (wood horse) and Imbolc.

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