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October 16, 2005 | September to November

Autumn Colour

The leaves are turning gold and orange along Deeside and the air is turning crisp. The buzzards are sitting on fence posts and the geese are making vees across the sky. This is the time of year that we need to boost our immune systems to prepare for winter. In the kitchen, we want to be concentrating on soups and slow cooking.

Supplementing with Echinacea or Sambucol is a good idea too. Have some zinc lozenges on hand for those cold mornings when you may wake up with a scratchy throat.

There has been small change in the Quantum North world. I am now concentrating my work in Aberdeen at the Rosemount Centre, so do not have any clinics at Grampian Health Foods. Although my main day at the Rosemount is on Mondays, I can book a room on weekends, for those who have trouble with weekdays.

And finally, to share some exciting news...I am off to Egypt in November to complete the first part of my Sekhem Masters training. So I will be away from the 21st November and 3rd December.

Yours in health, Rasma


Please ring the number for the appropriate venue to book.


Westermains, Torphins
01224 210700

Flexible times available (not for those allergic to cats)

Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies
01224 636378

normally Mondays, some Tuesdays/Fridays and weekends by request


Ferringtons Scotland, Langbank, Renfrewshire
01475 540111

Wednesdays 1st of the Month
2nd November, 7th December

Shiatsu Natural, Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
01224 210700

Thursdays 1st of the Month
3rd November, 8th December


Airlie Complimentary Clinic, Nairn
01667 453498

3rd week of the Month
16 and 17 November; 21 and 22 December

Other Events

Body & Soul Weekends
Taster Sessions available for £15 and I will be doing talks at most of these events.

Dundee: 19th November

My Qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Health & Disease
  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (in progress)
  • Diploma of Nutrition
  • Advanced Certificate QXCI (EPFX/SCIO)
  • Sekhem Advanced
  • Indian Head Massage

How to Contact Me

Phone: 01224 210700 (this is automatically diverted to my mobile and there is an answering message if I am switched off)
Email: rasma@quantumnorth.com
Website: www.quantumnorth.com

Dealing with the Onset of Winter

Winter Anxiety
Many people feel stressed at the onset of winter, especially in the north of Scotland. Physiologically, this increases the need for B vitamins. B vitamins are depleted, not only by stress, but also by the usual winter increase in sugary foods and alcohol. While it is possible to take a B Complex supplement (like Higher Natures True Food B Complex), but it is also a good idea to increase foods including wholegrains, lean meat, and milk (if you are ok with it). St John's Wort and 5HTP are also useful supplements for those suffering with SAD (not to be used if taking antidepressant medication). You can also get daylight bulbs to put in your bedside and desk lamps. These really do make a difference.

Winter Circulation
You are more likely to be affected by poor circulation in the winter, especially the older you are and the harsher the weather. Obviously, wrap up warmly when you go out - don't be a slave to the fashion of exposed midrifs. If you get chilblains or cold toes and fingers then you may find Ginkgo Biloba useful. Make sure you are getting enough antioxidants like Vitamin E. For arthritic conditions, you may find Glucosamine Sulfate or MSM helpful.

Winter Energy and Mood
If you are feeling washed out and lacklustre, then topping up your Magnesium levels could help. Healthy snacks like nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are rich in Magnesium. Pulses (perfect for slow cooking) and wholegrains are also high in this mineral. You can also take a supplement of aroung 300mg per day. Magnesium also supports the work of vitamin B in reducing stress levels.

Winter Aches and Pains
With the onset of the cold and damp your joints will need some support. Oily fish like sardines, mackerel, and salmon are rich in anti-oxidant essential fatty acids called Omega 3s. Combined with Hemp oil or pumpkin seeds to maintain a healthy balance of Omega 6 and 3, your joints will stay lubricated. Try to have around 3 portions of the above fish per week. If you don't like fish, then you can take omega 3 or fish oil capsules.

Winter Coughs and Colds
Following my introductory advice, you can fight back against respiratory infections by boosting your intake of Vitamins C and E, beta carotene and anti-oxidants. The best sources of these include red and yellow peppers, kiwi and citrus fruit, green leafy vegetables and nuts. Higher Nature do a great supplement called Rosehip C which provides 1000mg of vitamin C, which can be taken daily. Here's a chance to be a follower of fashion as well - keep your neck warm with one of the gorgeous long, colourful scarves available, and remember that you lose most of your heat through your head, so keep it covered!

Spotlight on a Friend

This is a new section, which highlights one of my therapist friends. I hope you find it useful.

Elizabeth Watters (Loy)

Elizabeth is a reiki master who runs the Wholly Holistic Consultancy in Greenock. She provides training and healing sessions, and recently sent me this instruction, which she received through a meditation.

It can be used by anyone who wants to help heal the world through positive thinking or meditation, and Elizabeth has suggested that it is very appropriate for distant healing.

Imagine, there is only one big country on earth and every citizen loves every other citizen, especially the ones who provoke a negative reaction. They are the ones who need love most in order to progress spiritually to the realization we are all one.

Imagine, in this one global country that all of the animals are treated with respect and kindness at all times.

Imagine, in this wonderful country that every innocent child is treated with love, respect and encouragement to live a happy life, and to fulfil their potential with teachers having the wellbeing of every single child as their priority, and parents believing that every child is a precious gift.

Imagine, in this amazing country that all of the senior citizens are treated with kindness and compassion and dignity, and that their wisdom and lifeskills are appreciated and utilized for the good of the future generations.

Imagine, in this caring, compassionate country that all sick people are kindly and lovingly cared for with the realisation that not all sickness is visible, but is still sickness and that perfect healing transforms for the highest and greatest good.

Imagine, in this country of inner peace and hope that all those progressing to the after life accept their passing calmly and peacefully with love and joy in their hearts.

Imagine, in this prosperous country that the material needs of every citizen are met easily and effortlessly from a vast ocean of abundance with a never ending supply of resources to fulfil every need. These resources can be tapped into at will by every citizen for their highest and greatest good, therefore, there is no need for competition. When one citizen does well, all citizens do well and prosper.

Imagine, the best that life has to offer for you and everyone, especially those who annoy you or offend you, as these are your true spiritual teachers and whatever it is in them that you do not like is really an aspect of yourself which requires integrating in order for you to become whole. 'Love your enemy'

Imagine, that a gentle, kind and loving touch or thought is all that is required to heal another sent through a heart full of compassion, with all the Love in the Universe supporting this intention.

We all dream/imagine our world into being with every single thought, not only for ourselves, but for others also, so cherish every single thought as a loving friend, with your best interests and the best interests of humanity at heart. If life isn't going as you would like it to, then monitor your thoughts as you dream/imagine your world into being. As you imagine this, or send distant/absent healing, you are transforming the world to a higher vibration for the benefit of everyone via your positive, loving intention.

Recipe of the Month

Lamb Tagine with Artichokes


Typical North African dish, which depends on slow cooking for its flavour. You can make it more substantial or wholly vegetarian by adding 400g soaked chickpeas.

4 Tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp celtic sea salt
3 tsp ground cumin
1 1/2 tsp ground ginger
5 cloves garlic
750g trimmed and diced lamb
12 artichoke hearts (trimmed and cooked, or tinned and drained)
juice of 1 lemon
water or stock

1. Heat the oil in a deep, heavy pan (or Tagine); add the spices and garlic. Fry briskly for a couple of minutes (do not burn).
2. Add the meat and continue to fry briskly until the meat is well tanned all over.
3. Just cover the meat with wate, bring to boil, cover the pan and simmer very gently for 2 - 3 hours until lamb is very tender.
4. Add the artichoke hearts and lemon juice (and chickpeas if option). Continue to cook for 15 minutes to amalgamate the flavours.
5. Adjust seasoning to taste and serve with rice and green vegetables. If following the Hay combining rules, serve with a medley of vegetables, but not the rice.

House keeping:

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