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July 27, 2005 | July to August

BBQs and Sunburns

July has almost gone and the year is flying by! Queenie has two wee chicks who are rapidly growing up, and the pumpkins are taking over the veggie patch!

I am having a summer sale. If you book four sessions (QX follow up or Sekhem or combo), I will give you a 5th session of your choice free. Offer available from 1st August. Please note: does not apply to full allergy tests or initial QX assessments.

Allergies are a continued problem. Seemingly more so this year, and I believe it has a lot to do with the cold snap we had in May, which killed off the beneficial insects like our pollenating friends the bees. In any event, allergy testing and desensitisation seems to be something I am spending a lot of time working with people on.

The full test takes 3 hours (£80) and covers food, pollen, dust, mold/fungus and epithelial extracts (available face to face only). Some people are exhibiting higher than normal allergy reactions (congestion, itchy eyes, respiratory difficulties) because they have a toxic system - this can be due to pathogens, alcohol, inappropriate medication usage, nicotine toxicity, sugar. I believe that the prolonged increase in pollens this year has proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back. The good news is that the QX can help to desensitise the symptoms and the lifestyle advice that I provide should help people to take responsibility for their own health, so removing the causes of the imbalances.

And finally, I have recently attained my Advanced Sekhem certificate, and am now offering sessions to clients at the Rosemount Centre and at home. A session lasts 1 hour and costs £30. For more information on Sekhem, please see below or the page on my website.

Yours in health, Rasma


Please ring the number for the appropriate venue to book.


Westermains, Torphins
01224 210700

Flexible times available (not for those allergic to cats)

Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies
01224 636378

normally Mondays and some Tuesdays/Fridays

Grampian Health Foods Complementary Suite
01224 590886

Wednesdays Every 2nd of the month
10th August; 14th September; 12th October
13th August


Ferringtons Scotland, Langbank, Renfrewshire
01475 540111

Wednesdays 1st of the Month
3rd August; 7th September; 5th October

Shiatsu Natural, Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
01224 210700

Thursdays 1st of the Month
4th August; 8th September; 6th October


Airlie Complimentary Clinic, Nairn
01667 453498

3rd week of the Month

17th/18th August; 15th (16th?)September; 19th/20th October

Other Events

Body & Soul Weekends
Taster Sessions available for £15 and I will be doing talks at most of these events.

Dundee: 19th November

My Qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Health & Disease
  • Diploma of Nutrition
  • Advanced Certificate QXCI (EPFX/SCIO)
  • Sekhem Advanced
  • Indian Head Massage

How to Contact Me

Phone: 01224 210700 (this is automatically diverted to my mobile and there is an answering message if I am switched off)
Email: rasma@quantumnorth.com
Website: www.quantumnorth.com

Summer Tips for a Healthy Colon

We all hope that the sunshine will flood into our homes this summer, and by cleaning your colon you can feel as though the sunshine is glowing in your insides, because an unhealthy colon can be the cause of so many problems. The obvious ones are constipation, bloating, diarrhea, wind, weight gain. The less obvious ones include fatigue, headaches, sleeping problems, swollen legs, backache, bad breath and skin.

Your colon is unhappy if you can answer yes to any of the following smelly questions:

1. are your stools too loose or too hard?
2. are they dark, with a bad odour?
3. do they float? look like rabbit droppings?

Constipation is mostly due to our lifestyle these days - not enough water and exercise, too much sugar and television/computer time among other things. Sadly, the UK is the most constipated nation in the world, with the highest rate of colonic cancer. It should take 24 hours for your food to pass through your body - in the UK it averages around 65 hours! And all that waste matter fermenting in the intestine has toxic side effects; if you have seen the TV advert with the woman pouring her food into her handbag, and carrying it around for days, then you will know what I mean.

But the answer does not lie in taking laxatives. It is much better to clean out your system and start again, taking care to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So what to do...

To Detox or Not?
I do not advocate drastic detox programmes because if your colon has got to this level, then your immune system will not be strong enough.

If you want to go down this route, you need to boost your immunity for at least a month before hand - this can be done through QXCI therapies supported with echinacea, vitamin C rich foods, and lots of water. You can start the cleansing process with mild cleansing teas like dandelion and nettle, and also help support the liver with milk thistle and artichoke.

Home colonics, enemas and therapist administered colonic irrigation work for some, although again not my preferred approach.

Diet is Crucial
1. Drink plenty of water and eat high water foods (fruit and vegetables). Avoid citrus fruits and raw tomatoes because they are hard on the small intestine. Herb teas and organic carrot juice are perfect, but avoid all stimulants (coffee, tea, chocolate)

2. Avoid ready made meals, and try to eat lots of fresh and raw foods (the usual 5 portions of fruit/veg a day...); include whole grains, nuts and seeds.

3. Eat slow releasing carbohydrates, avoiding the fast releasing ones like sugar (which feeds parasites like fungus and worms that thrive in a stodgy colon) and refined foods.

4. Get plenty of essential fatty acids. Ratio of Omega 6:3 should be 4:1. Ideal sources includes oily fish, flax and hemp oils. Flax seeds are a good source of extra fibre that helps to ease and regulate the bowels. You can sprinkle ground linseeds (flax), sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds on breakfast cereals, soups, or salads. Get around 3 Tbs per day of a balanced fatty acid.

5. Eat regular meals so your body knows when to expect food. Eat smaller portions and take smaller mouthfuls, chewing well, so that your stomach can deal with its job without sending undigested food through to the problem area. Carrot sticks, mandarines and roasted pumpkin seeds make ideal healthy snacks.

6. Always eat a good breakfast, avoiding sugary foods and stimulants (bye bye Cocopops and coffee; hello boiled egg and green tea)

Extra Help
1. QXCI - supporting the liver, boosting digestive enzymes, beating candidas and other pathogens, stress reduction

2. Friendly bacteria/Digestive enzymes - live yoghurt and a few billion Lactobacillus sporogenes are recommended. Help against the war on fungus.

3. Aloe Vera juice - optimises digestion making protein digestion easier and reducing putrefaction.

4. Herbs - Fennel Seeds (reduces wind); Fenugreek (bloating); Cloves (bile production); Liquorice (blood supply)

5. Higher Nature ColoClear Extra (order through the link on my front page); or take 250mg of HCA per day (preferably with 100mcg of Chromium included)

6. B complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron are very good for digestion, particularly converting food into energy not fat. Higher Nature Wise Woman or True Man are excellent multis to take.

7. Getting oxygen to the bowel is important to kill off unfriendly bacteria. A daily walk is adequate (min 20 minutes) or 5 minutes a day on a Surge of Chi machine. However, some form of cardio vascular exercise is the best. Breathing exercises are also good - yoga type or breathing through the nose/blowing out the candles, or two deep breaths followed by 5 dog pants (repeated).

8. I recommend Sandra Cabot's book: The Liver Cleansing Diet ISBN: 0-646-27789-8 for supporting the major organ that controls immune and digestive function; also, The Practical Guide to Candida by Jane McWhirter ISBN: 0-9526286-0-0, which does what it says in the title!

The Outcome
This should be obvious. Regular bowel movements, balanced weight, increased energy and glowing healthy looks. If you don't get good results from the above measures within 3 - 4 weeks, then you are almost certainly suffering from hidden food intolerances, which need to be identifed. The QXCI system can do this.

The Water Plan
Every 24 hours, your body recycles the equivalent of 40,000 glasses of water to maintain its physiological functions. It does this every single day of your life! During this process, the body becomes short 6 to 10 glasses each day: this needs to be replenished.

  • Glass or pint of water first thing in the morning, to correct sleep dehydration. This can be taken with half a lemon to maintain acid/alkaline balance.
  • Glass or pint of water drunk 30 minutes before each meal to prepare digestive tract.
  • Take water any time you actually feel thirsty – even during meals, but try not to have more than half cup when eating
  • Another glass of water 2.5 hours after a meal to complete the digestive process
  • Take plenty of water when exercising so you can sweat without dehydration
  • 2 to 3 glasses of water in the morning is an effective laxative

    What is Sekhem?

    Sekhem is a healing energy once used and taught in the temples of ancient Egypt, ascribed to Sekhmet. Sekhem works on a totally different concept and philosophy to other energy healing systems.

    It has the highest vibration of the healing systems available. Although there are some similar systems (derivatives like Reiki), none compare with the high vibrational energy.

    Sekhem has a depth and penetration into all areas of the body, mind and spirit. You set your intentions for the use of this energy and what you ask for is what you get.

    Sekhem is about keeping our balance in our daily lives as we clear out emotions and the controlling mind; reducing stress, staying centred, enjoying life and experiencing the joy of our inner well-being.

    Why Sekhem?

  • Stress Reduction
  • Confidence Boosting
  • Hidden Issues
  • Emotional Work
  • Pain Control
  • Toxin Removal
  • Cancer Support

    It has to be experienced, so come and try a session.

    Recipe of the Month

    Mackerel Pasta

    SERVES 1

    100g pasta (regular or gluten free)
    1Tbs olive oil
    1/2 red pepper
    1/2 tsp fennel seeds (for digestion)
    1 clove garlic
    1/2 tin chopped tomatoes
    200g tin mackerel (or other oily fish)
    grated parmesan or Parmezano
    handful of pinenuts or pumpkin seeds (optional)

    1. Cook pasta according to the instruction on the packet
    2. Gently fry pepper, fennel seeds and garlic in oil until just soft.
    3. Add the tomatoes and fish (chopped)
    4. heat through and season with salt/pepper
    5. add to pasta and serve with parmesan/Parmezano sprinkled on top.

    This is an easy recipe when you are feeling fatigued and uses basic larder staples.

    House keeping:

    1. Please feel free to pass this on to people you think may be interested or would benefit from a QXCI session.

    2. If you do not want to receive this regular mailing, please reply and let me know.

    3. Likewise, if you have received this via someone else, and would like to be added to the group, please send me your email address by return.

    4. If you work for a company, where staff might benefit from stress reduction sessions, please pass this on to your HR manager.

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