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May 14, 2006 | May to July


Laude! Sing Cuckoo...

and indeed, there is a cuckoo in the woods behind our house, which you can just hear in between the excited squawks of the nearly fledging baby rooks.

I am looking forward to the summer so much this year and the last week has given me the opportunity to revel in the sun and my garden. I have the Breemie Midsummer Festival to look forward to on the 17th June. Then I will be visiting the Holy Island off Arran for a Metamorphic Technique Course, before going for my holidays to the Drum Village at Glen Isla for a week in August.

Last weekend I went on an Angel Workshop (thank you, Zoe) and I wanted to pass on some simple techniques to make your life happy, abundant, successful and in tune with you and the world around you. More on that later...

Also, in this issue I aim to explain a little more about the earth's gridlines, which are being opened up as part of the expanding earth healing network of people around our planet. The positive side of this work is that much of the damaging power from natural 'disasters' like earthquakes and volcanoes will have somewhere to go without destroying homes and people in their wake. The downside is that we are unaware of how the energy flowing under our feet in these gridlines interacts with the radiation we surround ourselves with in the form of microwaves, wireless, bluetooth and digital frequencies. So, I would like to explain how the gridlines work and give you some pointers for ensuring you aren't contributing to your health in a negative and unknowing way.

And I wish you a really lovely summer, in tune with what is around you come rain or shine. Enjoy.

Yours in health, Rasma


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Other Events

Saturday, 17th June 2006.

A festival of music, mind, body and spirit with music, dancing, world food stands, healing tents, workshops and talks, and much more. Tickets are available through an online booking facility. For more information and tickets, go to www.sacredway.co.uk

Scottish SCIO Network (SSN) Meetings

These are meetings for SCIO/QXCI owners and users in Scotland. You do not need to be a practitioner to participate, but you do need to own a current system. The meetings are designed to support and educate Quantum users - with guest speakers, case studies, and practical work, and will happen every few months.

The first meeting was held at near Glasgow in February and was a great opportunity for the SCIO group to get to know each other and discuss what they need to move forward in training and support. The group is going to be led in future by Azizah Clayton from York, who is one of the main forces behind teaching and training in the UK.

The next meeting is going to be organised in July and this area will be updated when the details are confirmed.

My Qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Health & Disease
  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (in progress)
  • Diploma of Nutrition
  • Advanced Certificate QXCI (EPFX/SCIO)
  • Sekhem Master in Training
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Basic Level
  • Indian Head Massage

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Phone: 07763 132850 (I check messages regularly throughout the day)
Email: rasma@quantumnorth.com
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What is Geopathic Stress?

It is generally accepted that geopathic stress (GS) is the distortion of the earth's vibrations, which rise up through the ground to the surface - not necessarily into an open field, but in our increasingly crowded landscape of cities, into kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms all over the world. And it can change its placement in your home depending on what is going on underground - i.e. the UK has over 800 earthquakes per year!

The distortion is caused by electro magnetic fields - some weak, some strong, some natural and many increasingly man made. The distorted vibration becomes abnormally high in concentrated places, therefore harmful to most living organisms.

It has been proved to the satisfaction of the medical profession over 70 years ago, that geopathic stress is detrimental to human health. The most common indications of GS are: feeling run down and exhausted; not being able shift an illness or resistance to medical treatment; depression, nervousness, loss of appetite; not wanting to go to bed and when in it, symptoms like: insomnia or restless sleep; tingling in arms and legs; sleep walking; grinding teeth and nightmares. Fuzzy head when waking, bed wetting and constantly crying babies are also common indicators.

Geopathic stress does not cause illness, but it does lower your immune system. GS also prevents you absorbing the nutrients essential to your health. Often food intolerances and environmental/chemical sensitivities follow.

There is an emotional side to GS too. If the vibrations are coming into your house, any negative emotions like fighting in relationships, emotional trauma, or negative emotions sustained during illness will feed into it, and a vicious cycle will occur.


Gridlines are the vessels through which the vibrations pass through and around our planet. There are different types of vibrations and it is my belief that many of these gridlines are being 'reawakened' by planetary healers, like myself, as conduits for negative power from natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes etc as well as human operations like quarrying, mining, military testing, offshore and forestry operations.

The San Andreas fault, which runs from Alaska down to Southern California is one of the most active fault lines in the world at the moment, and one that is close to my heart since I grew up on top of it, and my family live with earthquake kits close to hand 24/7. Over Christmas there were 106 earthquakes within the Alaskan and Washington Zone - a dramatic increase. One of the epicentres was in the heart of Mount St Helen's, which has been smoking increasingly. This earthquake measured over 4 on the Richter scale; however, the expected blow out did not occur, and neither did a predicted tsunami occur over the festive period. Tuning in, I have seen the gridlines pulsing with energy, absorbing the huge tremors and dissipating them naturally around the earth to help avoid subluxations of the earth's crust.

So what are these gridlines?

Water Veins

Subterranean water flows in streams or veins usually 200 - 300ft deep. The flow of water rubbing against stones etc, creates an electromagnetic field in the opposite direction of the water flow, which then disturbs the natural vibrations from inner earth going through the water making the vibrations high frequency. The faster the flow of water, or where two streams cross each other, the higher the frequency. Please note, surface water does not create GS and is beneficial.

Mineral, Fault Lines, Moving Plateaux and Cavities

These are particularly detrimental if there is a flow of water underneath them. Cavities amplify GS and an underground plateau can make a whole area susceptible to GS (i.e. San Francisco).

Global Grids - Hartmann Net and Curry Cross

These grids are best pictured like a net around the planet, albeit underground. Hartmann lines look like close fitting latitude and longitude lines, while the Curry Cross net sits diagonally across the Hartmann.

They are 'earthing' grids and contribute to the evolution of the stable environment around us. However, they are easily contaminated by toxicities and other GS lines crossing them - and we are in part responsible for their contamination with radio alarm clocks, wireless, blue tooth, digital radio, TV, telephones, microwaves and all the other things we surround ourselves with daily.

The Hartmann Net has a relation to Magnetic North. The width of the lines increase during the full moon period, solar flare/sunspot activity, changing weather fronts, winter months and increased environmental pollution. It also earths the Cosmic Rays that come from the Milky Way through our atmosphere. The Curry Cross lines are charged either positive or negative, but when two similarly charged lines meet, the GS disturbance is particularly strong.

Schumann Waves

These waves are very important to human health, and are in fact, the vibrations used by the QXCI/SCIO system to retune the biological mechanism and balance the system. Without these waves, living organisms would not be able to survive. Steel, granite and concrete buildings reduce the Schumann resonance, and the results of this deprivation can been in 'Sick Building Syndrome' and Jetlag. Space scientists installed Schumann simulators in manned spacecrafts, after early astronauts returned home with distress symptoms through deprivation.

Ley Lines

Rarely referred to outside of the UK, these lines are "alignments in the landscape, linking together churches, standing stones, moors, track ways and other ancient sites which were part of a communicating roads or paths, connecting settlements one to another." (A. Watkins, 1925) It is also believed that some ley lines are the ancient tracks of the Faerie. Ley lines have also been described as subtle energy that permeates and interconnects the landscape. One such line - the Rosline has recently been re-established connecting Rosslyn Chapel to various landmarks radiating out from it, like Arthur's Seat; and I believe, beyond, in a ripple effect. However, it is possible to pick up negative energy from ley lines, as they also hold the vibrational imprints of people and animals from times gone by.

Detecting Geopathic Stress

You can check yourself if there is GS in your home, through a simple system of dowsing. Feng Shui practitioners are also aware of GS. The best resource book is called Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place available from www.dulwichhealth.co.uk for GBP6.95

There are also many recognised methods of detecting GS in people, including the SCIO/QXCI, VEGA test, Blood Crystalline analysis, etc. They should also confirm when the GS has been cleared.

A few points to remember about GS environments: children will become hyperactive or exhibit allergies; babies will cry, sweat and sleep badly; dogs and horses will become ill; most cats and ants love GS; trees will become stunted and not bear fruit; rosebushes and herbs will die.

Geopathic Stress and Sleep

If you think about how much time you should ideally spend sleeping in your lifetime, you will understand how vitally important it is to be sleeping in a GS free space. GS is stronger at night, which makes sleeping in a GS place particularly stressful.

During sleep, your brain is supposed to rest half the time and heal your body the other half. However, if you are sleeping in geopathic stress, your brain has to spend all its time working to combat the negative energy, and you wake up strained and tired.

The brain's housekeeping work during sleep includes creating 80% of your new cells; rebalancing the signals for correct body operation; creation and absorption of essential nutrients; and adjustment of correct hormone balance. So it is essential that the 10 square feet that you sleep on is free of geopathic stress and toxic items that can create or enhance GS.

This means ensuring that your bed is not resting on top of any GS lines; going back to a wind up alarm clock and throwing out the digital clock/radio; ensuring that the standby button on your TV is switched off and minimising the number of phone/ electrical items in your bedroom.

The Holistic Health Bucket

Your health is like a bucket that gradually gets filled up with all the harmful things you come into contact with in your life. Geopathic stress is like the sediment - and it can fill up to 50% of your bucket. The bucket then gets filled up with other elements - bad diet, unhealthy food additives, physical and mental traumas, smoking, excess alcohol, strained relationships, effects of illness or death in the family, work or financial pressures, electromagnetic toxicities and environmental pollution.

Suddenly, your bucket fills up and overflows. This is where you can find yourself battling a serious illness. Take the GS away, and around 50% of your bucket is empty allowing your immune system to recuperate and strengthening your ability to cope psychologically.

I have noticed more and more people becoming affected by GS (or as the SCIO system calls it - Perverse Energy). This is because society as a whole has become so materialistic that awareness of potential dangers of our technological advancements – medical, household and work equipment, electronic gadgets, building materials etc. - are suppressed or ignored.

I am not saying that technology is bad - that would be like saying all gridlines are bad. But we must become more aware of the appropriate uses for it, and not be caught up in the business of consumerism or arguments by those who stand to lose income (politicians, pharmaceutical companies and other big corporate powers.)


Thanks to Zoe Toussaint for passing these on, and I wish her joy, excitement, love and an awareness of the beauty of the upcoming birth of her child.

1. Prayer - whatever this means to you...meditation, church or chapel, entering the consciousness...it is about setting your intentions for your life.

2. Gratitude - thank yourself for all you already have, and for the journey you have chosen.

3. Silence - use prayer and gratitude together to enjoy the silence of just being.

4. Breathing - make sure you are breathing down deep into your pelvis; sing from your toes and do breathing exercises daily; take time to notice how you breath at regular intervals through the day.

5. Gaia - contact nature daily to reconnect to the lifeforce we have come from. Go for a walk, sit in the garden, open the window, sit by the sea...

6. Good Food - bless your food; make sure you are eating good food; and release the guilt associated with the habit of old eating habits.

7. Awareness - tune in to your body's needs and wants; be aware of how your actions affect you and those around you; be aware of moon cycles and how nature can help us...

8. Bodywork - exercise, dance, massage

9. Water - we are 70% water and need to maintain this balance; drink pure water as much as possible; bless the water you use to drink, bathe or enjoy.

10. Willingness - like the Egyptian hieroglyph for 'I am' set your intention to be willing to receive the blessings of whatever you believe in without guilt, ego or fear. Be willing to accept joy, good health, wealth, freedom of choice, love, and abundance.

Spotlight on a Friend

Jacquie Christie of Organic J

I have known Jacqui for a number of years now since meeting at a Women In Business event. She is one of the people who not only identified a problem, but made it a niche market and turned the health issues of her family into a thriving business making and sourcing natural, organic products for the home and health.

In the first year of our meeting, I was surprised if she didn't have a stand at every show/festival/fayre that I went to in Aberdeenshire. Now she has launched a new online shop through her website and I would encourage everyone to enjoy a browse around the store. Hopefully, this will mean she won't have to work so hard travelling around and working in all weathers...

In her own words: 'I am Jacqui Christie and my company is Organica J. I operate a mail order business from my office/workshop/home! My business is a combination of carefully selected suppliers and products hand-crafted by me, using organic ingredients, here on beautiful Deeside.'

She offers non-food organic products, including skin & body care, hair care, cosmetics, feminie hygiene, socks and herbal tablets. Her own products include organic hand & foot creams, herbal ointments & gels, pot pourri, incense, scented beeswax candles and more. All products are GMO free with no animal testing. She runs her business with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Jacqui started her business 6 years ago, driven by many reasons - her ezcema and allergies; difficulty looking for natural products for her child; being brought up with recycling and environmental awareness; concerns about what we eat and use each day to name the main points. It all comes together with Organica J.

So get shopping and aware at www.organicaj.co.uk

Also, an update on Nicola Southey's site, which has changed to: www.iobalance.co.uk

Favourite Flavours

Ginger Lamb Stew

I include this with no apologies to the little lambs gambolling outside my window. The ginger brings this stew to life without being too 'hot'. Another quick tip for ginger is to add a chunk of fresh peeled ginger to your pot of tea - works well with Rooibos and Lady Grey particularly.

Anyway, the stew is a lovely one-pot meal that is satisfying, but not too heavy, and it comes from the April Foods Matter newsletter: www.foodsmatter.com

4 Tbs Olive Oil
24 Shallots
50g knob of ginger, peeled and cut into matchsticks
4 tsp ground cumin
600g stewing lamb, trimmed and cubed
400g green lentils or canneloni beans
600ml stock
500ml red wine
400g cherry or baby plum tomatoes
1 green/white cabbage
sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Heat the oil in a heavy pan, tagine base or potjie. Add the shallots, ginger and cumin. Fry gently for 3-5 minutes. Add the lamb and continue to cook for a few minutes more. Add the lentils, stock, wine and tomatoes; bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 1 hour (check the liquid level periodically). Chop the cabbage and add to the pot. Cook for a further 8- 10 minutes or until cabbage is cooked but still slightly crunchy. Season to taste and serve in bowls (with a spork if you have one!)

Serves 6 and is a good source of Vitamins B1, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Copper. And did you know that Black Pepper provides chromium, which is essential for maintaining your blood sugar balance.

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